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Welcome to The Life Of A Practice Manager where it’s okay to admit to the struggles in life because they can lead to beautiful things

My name is Roxanne Suwastika, and as a medical practice manager, I’ve seen it all too often time and time again – where those closest to me in the industry struggle to find the courage to pursue the right work-life balance.

The Life Of A Practice Manager is my way of reaching out to all of you who might need a shoulder to lean on at the end of a long hard day. All of my tips here on the site come from real life, where I’ve used tools of all sorts to smash my goals and keep doing what I do best – both at work and at home.

From the notebook I carry in my handbag to the daily planner, or three, that sit on my desk, I want to ensure that all my thoughts and actions are recorded in the hope that they may help you realise hey, you’re not alone in this. Our jobs are demanding, and I understand how some days you feel like you want to tear your hair out or just take an entire week off, but I also understand the greater rewards of being a practice manager and how it’s up to us to keep the business running smoothly.

With over 15 years’ experience as a personal assistant and working in recruitment, I am now the successful practice manager and co-founder of Castlegate Family Practice & Women’s Health Clinic in Western Australia, and I also have a beautiful family to call my very own.

But I’ve learned over the course of time that my world isn’t just about going to work every day and coming home every night; it’s about embracing the complexity of life and not feeling guilty that I want to be an amazing leader, entrepreneur, parent and individual.

If any of this has resonated with you, then I welcome you with open arms as you venture through the journey with me at The Life Of A Practice Manager where together we can create a judge-free space and cry or laugh if we need to.

Life of A Practice Manager Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the lives of medical practice managers and the people they help. Through dedicated communication, we spread the message that achievements can be accomplished with collective team work, a positive mindset, and best workplace practices.

Life of A Practice Manager Vision Statement

For all medical practice managers to realise their full potential as inspiring and productive leaders, and to encourage healthy work-life balance through connectivity and motivation.